As all our clients work is at the leading edge of high tech development, confidentiality is paramount. We have standard NDAs available, and all work completed remains confidential as per clients requests. 


Peter Burling, World Champion using R.A.M 3D technology 

Over the Christmas break, R.A.M. produced pieces urgently needed onboard Moth foils during the World Cup Racing Regatta. The pieces were completed within days and were an integral part of the crew taking home the World title. On using the technology, Peter Burling commented "I was really impressed with the part we used on the foiling Moth. The resolution and surface finish of the part was great and tolerances allowed fast implementation. Also, it was really useful how you create nearly any shape and optimise your part without having to worry about CNC machining paths in design and production. Thanks to the team at RAM for getting the pieces to us urgently, so we could go on to win".

Suppressors market ready

by Oceania Defence

Oceania Defence Ltd have been working hard to launch an industry changer in the world of suppressors. After rigorous design research and testing in partnership with Oceania Defence and RAM, these revolutionary suppressors are now being 3D manufactured by Rapid Advanced Manufacturing (R.A.M.).

 Titanium suppressors for 556 x 45 

The pointy end of the Americas Cup

by Victory Knives

John Bamford, of Victory Knives set about designing a state of the art, light-weight, small knife, but yet strong enough to cut through marine ropes. John and the team here designed a knife and sheath, 3D printed in Ti64 alloy powder, then super coated, to produce a knife that can now cut super strong marine ropes in one blade stroke compared  to  their  existing  knife which took 10 strokes.

The entire project was urgent six week collaboration between RAM, Page Macrae Coatings and Victory knives to produce a unique knife design, to be the improved safety knife for the 2013 Team NZ Americas Cup.

Such was the success; this knife will be available to consumers in the near future.

For more details, visit

 Knife for the 2013 Team NZ Americas Cup

Knife for the 2013 Team NZ Americas Cup

“The Americas Cup Safety Team were ecstatic with the fast turnaround, and were amazed at the strength of the new product” said John Bamford. 


The making of a Bionic Dog

by Massey University and Axia Design

An urgent project was received, to manufacture a custom jaw bone replacement, going from design to implant within five days.

Massey  University  Vets contracted  Axia Design Group in Napier, to design a jaw bone replacement for large dog, who had an aggressive cancerous growth.  In consultation with the  pet  owners  and  Massey,  Axia designed a 3D CAD model from a CT scan, which RAM then 3D printed on the newly commissioned SLM printer.

 “The process was urgent for the welfare of the dog, and to have the piece fitted within five days of finishing the design, ensured that he had this replacement option, as opposed to a straight removal” said Massey University Vets. The surgery was a success, with a happy pup enjoying solid food the following morning."

The  project  was  aired  on an episode of Animal Vets in August, showcasing the project from start to finish, with additional dogs in NZ and Australia having also received jaws of steel. 

The team at Axia can be found at

 Jaw bone replacement for large dog

Jaw bone replacement for large dog

“The speed at which the part went from concept, to design and manufacture to surgical implant was astounding” said Andrew Kersley, Axia Design.


Handmade Exhibition

by Jamie McLellan

NZ  Designer Jamie McLellan recently commissioned  RAM  to create a piece for a specialised London Exhibition.  Wallpaper Handmade, the ground-breaking exhibition dedicated to the marriage of craftsmanship and design, debuted at Harrods, recently.

The  exhibition, now in its fourth year, is traditionally hosted by Wallpaper magazine during Milan Design Week. Wallpaper commission’s designers, artists, craftsmen, makers, brands and manufacturers to create unique and one-off items of furniture, fittings, fashion and more.

Jamie McLellan collaborated with Ernst Wright & Son to create a handmade scissor, with half the scissor to be designed and 3D printed in Ti alloy, then sharpened and coated in a PVD ceramic coating by commercial partners Page Macrae Coatings.

“The team were able to discuss different design options, and we were very thankful for the urgent manufacture and delivery” states Jamie, who is excited to now be looking at many different design concepts that we can easily and efficiently produce in Ti alloy or Stainless Steel.

The piece was returned to the client within the week, to ensure it made its way to Sheffield where it was then assembled with its matching traditionally manufactured half, before being sent to Harrods for inclusion in the Handmade Exhibition.

 Visit to view his current design concepts.

 3D printed in Ti alloy

3D printed in Ti alloy

“The team were able to discuss different design options, and we were very thankful for the urgent manufacture and delivery”