The Powder Materials we currently print in are; Titanium 64, High-Strength Stainless Steel 15-5-PH, Stainless Steel 316 and Inconel 718, a High-Temp Alloy.

Titanium Alloy is hailed for its versatile, reliable and superior qualities.  It boasts the highest strength to weight ratio of engineering metals, is extremely corrosion resistant and is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust. 


3D printing is not only effective for rapid prototyping, it is highly cost effective for the production of complex parts.  With fewer assembly parts, integrating pieces is simple and economic with no or minimal manual assembly required on the end product.  There are very few 3D machines commercially available for use in the world, and RAM now runs four Additive Manufacturing machines.  This increases the choice of materials to be used in the production process, with Titanium 64 the most frequently used powder due to its strong properties, offering a stronger, more corrosive resistant end product.


3D manufacturing enables design freedom, allowing Designers and Engineers to follow where your imagination takes you.  The printing process simply follows this design freedom, easily and cost-effectively producing complex, high spec pieces that traditional manufacturing process could simply not produce.
Additionally, here at RAM, we have a Design Service available to assist with the design process.  Models most commonly made in Solidworks, Parasolid and STEP.  STL files can be used and our Design Team have limited opportunity to assist with any design issues if this application is used. 

Quality Control

Quality Control is an important part of the design and manufacturing process, with finished pieces needing to be consistently reliable and thoroughly tested.  In-house testing includes: tensile, hardness and density testing with all testing equipment regularly undergoing certified calibration.
Testing services are provided by TiDA